From brief to contract in seconds

Why wait weeks for your law firm to respond? Generate legally sound contracts with AI precision in mere seconds.


Effortless modification & review

Redline, review, and refine contracts the way you'd talk to a smart colleague. Approve the changes individually or all-at-once.

Tynal works inside Word

No document uploads. No copy/pasting. Use Tynal right from within Microsoft Word, and leave the formatting hell behind.


Instant Contract Drafts
now possible

Tynal makes contract creation magically simple. Provide a brief in plain English, and watch as Tynal crafts full contracts or specific clauses in precise legal language. Ideal for both legal experts and business professionals.

Faster drafting

Effortless Modifications

Describe desired changes, and Tynal intelligently updates all related clauses, tracking each modification for easy review and decision-making. A game-changer for contract negotiations.

5 stars

“Modifying contracts was always a chore until we started using Tynal. It's not just a time-saver; it has significantly reduced errors in our contract modifications. Tynal's transformed our approach to contract management.”

Jordan Matthews – Senior Contracts Manager, Apex Solutions


In-Depth Contract Reviewing

Tynal highlights potential red flags, provides contract summaries, and identifies missing clauses, all based on its extensive training with billions of lines of legal text.


Ensure Compliance with Local Laws

With Tynal’s knowledge of local laws, ensure your contracts are enforceable in any jurisdiction. This feature is indispensable for lawyers and business professionals alike.

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